How to Bind Your Printer


1.Please ensure that you have already updated RaiseTouch (Your 3D printers touchscreen system) to the latest RaiseCloud version.
If you have not already updated your Raise3D printer, please download before you continue.

2.Ensure your Raise3D printer is connected to the internet to complete the binding process.

3.Prepare a USB drive. (optional)

STEP ONE (Skip if you do not have a USB drive)

Sign in to the RaiseCloud, under "Team Information" you can click the download button at right side of "Binding Key" to download the KEY file.

Save the KEY file onto the USB drive. (optional)


Please insert the USB drive into the Raise3D printer. (optional)

On the Touchscreen click on: "Setting->More Settings->RaiseCloud"


Select "Bind with Binding Account and Password", then enter Binding Account and Password. (Team Binding Account and Password, not your User Account and Password)


Select "Bind with Binding Key", the 3D printer will read the USB drive for Binding Key to bind automatically.

Congratulations! Your Raise3D printer is now bound to RaiseCloud.